In Your Own Words

Here are a selection of stories from women who have received miscarriage counselling or post abortion support from Lighthouses Therapy Services and how we have helped them to heal.

"I was 19 when I became pregnant.  I knew I didn't want to be a mum at this stage in my life.  I made the decision to have an abortion.  It was a scary experience but I never expected to wake up the next day with such sadness and guilt. I kept these thoughts and feelings to myself because I thought I deserved to suffer.  

I turned to alcohol and went on a mission of trying to destroy myself for what I had done.

I finally got some help for my drinking problem and this is what led me to take part in a workshop for women like me who were in so much pain after having had an abortion.  My child would be 31 years old now. My life is much better after taking part in the Safe Shores Retreat at Lighthouses. I never thought I would feel better. I have let go of a huge weight that was drowning me" - CT

"I wanted to keep the baby but my partner thought it was best if I had an abortion.  And I went along with it and regretted it.    Why didn't I stand up for myself? I asked myself that question for years. Two years later, I became pregnant again and was so excited, but sadly my baby died and I thought God must be punishing me for what I had done. I punished myself by over-eating and became bulimic. I wanted to die. In a way I was dead. I was existing not living". - Anon

"I took part in the Safe Shores Retreat and this was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I left there feeling excited about my life and the future".  ER

"It changed my life forever and I felt my life would never be the same again and neither would I. I thought I was a lost cause with no future. My confidence had slumped along with my self-esteem. 

I am amazed how it helped me. It has been such a positive experience, beyond all my expectations.

The whole experience at White Feathers Retreat provided me with a safe and loving space in which I could fully express myself and be heard.  During the highly skilled various processes I was able to let go of my grieving wounds and in turn, take major steps in claiming back my life." Read more of Nicky's story here on the blog.

"Nadine and Eve have an abundant set of skills. The sessions were life changing - a term that is frequently used, but in this case fits the bill.  They know what to ask and how to support you. 

They know where the grief, loss and sometimes physical pain is and how to draw it out in a safe way. 

I would say to another person who has endured loss and grief of a baby, to go on the retreat - JUST GO." Read more of Jo's story here on the blog.