My real joy comes from organising and facilitating our two day residential counselling retreats.

These weekend residential counselling retreats are held in a beautiful part of Merseyside in the woods by the beach. We work with groups of approximately 6 women from different age ranges and backgrounds.

We listen to your story and are aware that for some of you, it may be the first time you have shared it with anyone.

Other women on the retreat will identify with how you are feeling (including some of our fully trained and qualified assistants) and you will realise that you are not alone.   

This in itself can help to ease your pain.  

But there is so much more on offer here.  You will work through therapeutic processes throughout the weekend to help you heal your mind and in between we will feed you with wholesome quality food to help heal your body. 

"Nadine has been a great support to me through some difficult times. She is skilled in her work, a patient listener and wise in her guidance. I feel blessed to have had her work with me and for me to reach my goal of a happier life."

— JS

At the end of the weekend you will feel worthy again, you may feel more connected to the loved ones in your life, you may feel you have received a beautiful gift. 

But don’t just take my word for it -  please hear what others are saying who have taken part in our Retreats.

After the weekend is over, you will have made some wonderful connections from those you met and worked with and which is why we set up an online support group where you can all stay in touch and continue to support each other. 

You will also have a FREE one hour therapy session with one of our counsellors because we believe after-care is very important.  YOU are very important.  

To find out more details of what is included on our residential counselling retreats – please go to White Feathers Miscarriage Counselling Retreat or Safe Shores Post Abortion Retreat