Do you need help after your abortion?

We run Safe Shores Post Abortion Retreat that offers post abortion counselling for women who have been through the trauma of abortion/termination or compassionate induction and are struggling with feelings of grief, guilt, loss, shame, anxiety or depression afterwards.

‘After my abortion, I felt empty, suicidal and full of guilt and shame. I blamed my partner. I was so angry. I punished myself for years with over-eating and feelings of self-loathing’

It's normal to grieve after a TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY

It can tear a hole in your heart that feels so deep. Sometimes it seems nothing can fill the emptiness.

Guilt, grief, anger, shame - I can help you with these feelings.  

At our post abortion counselling retreats, we can work through these negative and self-destructive emotions and help you change damaging beliefs about yourself.  

Let us make a start…


What brought you here today?  What made you visit this page and read these words?

I think you are searching, just as I was, for help.  For someone who can truly understand what you are going through following your abortion.   Someone who will give you more than platitudes.  Someone who knows what it can be truly like to live through heavy and dark days.

Reading this far suggests to me you understand HOPE and have some for a better, brighter future.

It really is possible.

Perhaps though, you don't yet believe it can be possible for you to feel any sort of meaningful inner peace?  

I understand.  

All I need is for you to carry that flicker of hope within you.  If you can do that, then I promise you anything is possible.

I invite you to take a journey with me today.  The destination is Your Own Peace of Mind.

Contact me today to see if together, we can start that journey


It's simply not enough to say 'forgive yourself."  You need so much more than a well-meaning phrase posted on a social media page telling you how forgiveness will set you free.

You need the tools to enable you to experience your own personal freedom from the daily grind of endless self-destructive thoughts and grief from termination of pregnancy.

Together, we will create a heart-led plan that will gently and slowly lead you to a place where you will discover how worthy you are of your own love.

I understand that usually the hardest part is making contact.

This is why you can get in touch simply, confidentially and without charge to see if together we can create a brighter future for you - Click here to contact me

Go to Our Safe Shores Retreat Page to find out more about how we can support you.

"My time with Nadine was transformative.

I had the opportunity to dive into experiences, process them and come to a different level of perception around my world view and the way I relate to circumstances in my life.

Her ability to compassionately reflect my struggle while reminding me that I am ultimately not my story is phenomenal. I often felt her heart extend toward me, gently witnessing and realigning me toward my higher truth.



You may have forgotten what peace is like after a long period of self-punishment.  

I felt the same following my own abortion.

I am living proof that life can begin again and that self-love, peace, happiness and even joy are possibilities just waiting for you to experience them. My small team and I are waiting for you to reach out with your own story.

Make the decision today that you will be willing to do what it takes, to follow the journey that so many other women have already taken and to fully experience the joy that comes from living with peace.

Thank you for visiting us today.  

Our love and hopes are with you,
Nadine and the Lighthouses Team x