Are YOU Up to the Challenge to Fight For a Better Future?

1 in 4 women suffer loss through miscarriage and yet there is still little support or funding to help them heal.

Lighthouses Therapy Services is a not for profit enterprise based in the North West UK, who support those suffering from complicated grief after losing an infant through miscarriage, still birth and premature baby loss.


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Our not for profit organisation is all about supporting women, men and couples who have experienced infant loss.

How come in this day and age, infant loss still a taboo subject?  How come families are left to just 'get on with it', with little or no support?  

Miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, neonatal loss, it’s all LOSS of a baby, loss of hopes and dreams for the future, loss of a brother or sister to the other siblings, loss of a grand-child.  

We want to fight for more awareness and to let grieving parents know that we are here.

What we need help with

Lighthouses Therapy Services facilitate two-day retreats in Merseyside, known as White Feathers Miscarriage Retreats, for bereaved parents, in order that they can have some space and time to start to heal, to share their thoughts, to speak about their anger, frustration, guilt, shame and grief.  

Often, with a trauma such as losing a baby, grief can turn into Complicated Grief, with symptoms such as depression, anxiety and mood disorders, as is the case with lots of parents we have helped.  

We would like to continue funding the amazing service we provide so that people can continue to attend these lifesaving weekends for free. 

It costs us £800 for one person's place on the retreat, where they will receive 20 hours of therapy over a two-day period with other grieving parents, including a one-night stay and all meals.  

Our very experienced and skilled Psychotherapists will ensure they feel safe and heard and that their loss matters!!

After the retreat, they then receive two hours after-care counselling with our resident Life Coach in order to set goals for the future.

Attendees benefit so much from this life changing retreat. Participants will have increased confidence and self-belief as a direct result of working through their loss and grief. Participants will have a new lease of life, a feeling of peace. They will have a new freedom and a new happiness.

"The retreat is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I left there feeling excited about my life and the future" (ER)
"Thank you so much I have a sense of new beginnings" (KS)
"If I was asked by a grieving parent about the retreat, I would say - you need to try it, I would do it all over” (SF)

What we want you to do

  1. Film yourself having a pillow fight with someone and explain that you're doing this pillow fight to create awareness of the lack of funding available to support families who experience miscarriage and other infant loss.
  2. Post your video to social media with the hashtag #PillowfightChallenge and tag in our Facebook page and our request for donations to go to Just Giving
  3. Copy and paste this status: Lighthouses Therapy Services challenged me to a #pillowfightchallenge to raise awareness about the lack of funding available to support families who have experienced infant loss. In order to send one person on their miscarriage retreat - it costs £800. You've been challenged! To make a donation please visit - we need to raise £5000 - the more we can raise, the more people we can help!
  4. Tag 3 of your friends who you know would understand this challenge, asking them to do it too!
  5. Spread the word!