Now should be a time to plan, to celebrate the arrival of a precious new life. Not for the heart-breaking grief of dealing with a miscarriage.

We can offer you miscarriage support to help, understand and bring hope back into your life. 

(We use the term miscarriage which also includes still-birth, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy and premature baby loss.)

Help for you after a miscarriage

You have experienced something unimaginable, heart-breaking and cruel. 
You are asking yourself – “How can this have happened? How can this have happened to me?”
You may have started to think about names, to make plans for the future with your gorgeous child.  
Now you find yourself in deep grief and bewilderment. 

We run White Feathers Miscarriage Retreat, which is a safe and highly effective therapy & counselling retreat for women who have been through the trauma and grief of the death of their baby as a result of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still-birth, neonatal death and babies who die soon after birth. 

You will work within a small group of 6 where you will experience emotional processing over the whole weekend.  This is vital in order to gain some peace and happiness within yourself.  It is not possible to 'think' your way through or out of the pain you are feeling.  Walking through is the only way, and we are here to hold your hand for every step.

If you are asking yourself questions and finding it hard to access help to move forwards with your life, take a look at our Miscarriage Retreat information to see if this could help you to heal.

Understanding your emotions after a miscarriage

How do you explain what has happened to family and friends that you can't even explain to yourself? 

How do you begin to move forward?

We at Lighthouses are a team of dedicated professionals whose passion is to show you a path to healing - physically, mentally and spiritually.  You can find out more about the retreat team here.

We can offer you either one on one specialist miscarriage counselling or the life changing experience of our acclaimed two-day residential miscarriage retreat – White Feathers.

Our team can also help with family and friends who are also struggling because they simply do not know what to do, or say to you.    

Hope after miscarriage

Whatever option you choose - a one to one consultation or a place on our miscarriage retreat, you can be assured to receive the full attention from our dedicated team who will give you the space, time and support to rebuild your life.

We are waiting for you to reach out with your own story.

Make the decision today that you will be willing to do what it takes, to follow the journey that so many other women have already taken and to fully experience the joy that comes from living with peace. 

Find out more about our residential retreats that offer specialist Miscarriage Support.