Eve Christian

              Eve Christian

I have known Nadine personally for about 8 years and I’ve attended the retreat myself.

Through this she asked me if I would like to work alongside her.  I felt it was a perfect opportunity to grow personally and help others to grow too. 

My role at the White Feathers Retreat is as Team leader. Most of all I’m there to support the women to transition through healing, to revisit the trauma and hopefully come out as better people, more able to cope with the difficult feelings they are experiencing.

I’ve experienced infant loss in my own family and feel a powerful need to help people who have suffered too.

My career background is in addiction counselling and I have been in recovery from substance addiction for approximately 8 ½ years myself.

What’s important to me is vulnerable leadership – to model to people that it’s ok to be exactly where they’re at and there is a way through current struggles.

I want to empower people to be survivors and move out of the victim stance and claim a survivor role. I want people to get the sense that there is help available for them and that healing is available for everyone.

Both our retreats are a safe, supportive environment to express and expose exactly where you are at in the moment and nothing is ever too much or too big for us to hold.

No matter what you feel you’ve been through and even if you feel it’s too much for other people to help with, that that is not the truth – we can help you.

The truth is that no matter how far down you have gone, we have got strong hands and strong hearts to help pull you back up to where you’d like to be.