How you feel when you’re not coping with an abortion.

Abortion is life changing. I'm not here to have a pro-life or pro-choice debate. I am here to help women who are in psychological pain, post-abortion. I want to help the many women who aren’t coping with an abortion.

“The doctors didn’t tell me that ‘the best and kindest thing you can do is ...’, nor did my boyfriend pressurise or bully me into it, it was my own decision because I didn’t feel ready to have a baby, so does that make me even more of a monster?”

Abortion is a shocking word – it can make your hair stand on end. Termination sounds kinder but still it’s not something you talk about, is it? Even if you do talk about it, would you ever admit to anyone that you had done that?!? 

“But I said I would only ever have that one termination and I would never ever do that again and then I found myself in the exact same position years later and did the same thing!! I’ve had 2 terminations? I must be such a horrible person.”

NOT talking about it leaves destructive thoughts stuck inside your head. These thoughts impact not only you, but your relationship and friendships. Depression after abortion is very common and not something to hide away from.

“I was good for a while but then I noticed I would have random days where I would get really sad and mad for no reason. Then it started happening every day. Soon it became all day, every day.”

After an abortion or termination, you may have found your life is not the same again. You haven’t got over it and moved on. You are grieving for the unborn child and grief is a destructive emotion if left unresolved. Specialist post abortion counselling can help you and your partner to come to terms with grief.

“It's coming up to a year since the day and I can't focus on anything but this date. Everything that happened I am replaying in my head and I can't help but break down. It's physically and emotionally been one of the hardest things of my life going through this on my own.”

The emotional impact of an abortion is like post-traumatic stress disorder. Feelings have increased over time. Now they have mutated and you can’t contain them any more. Counselling after an abortion helps to let these feelings out in a safe protective environment. We will help you to take a step in the right direction.

“I feel I am being ripped apart and feel every tear I shed, right down into my soul.  I have been terrified to leave my house feeling like this. Will it ever get better? Will I ever feel myself again?”

Not talking to friends or family about it (did they know?) means you are bottling up toxic emotions. You feel you need punishing and your pain and grief is what you must suffer. 

“I feel like I can't grieve. I keep wanting to cry but I force myself not to.”

This is not true. You deserve to grieve. You deserve to to heal.

“I am evil, a monster, I don’t ever deserve to have children after this. I might as well be dead – I can’t live like this anymore.”

If you are saying any of these things to yourself, or you're not coping with an abortion, we are here to help you. 

Safe Shores Abortion Retreat offers post abortion counselling for women who have been through the trauma of abortion and are struggling with feelings of grief, guilt, loss, shame, anxiety or depression after abortion. You will have the opportunity to share your story and let go of some of your past, in a safe, non-judgmental environment with qualified therapists within a group setting. We offer specialist post abortion counselling, help and healing from abortion.

If you need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW, please contact me or call me any time 07584-040-223