Is there someone in your life in need of your forgiveness? Is that someone YOU?

Here are 6 steps to start you off

Photo by Jupiterimages/Creatas / Getty Images
Photo by Jupiterimages/Creatas / Getty Images

1)  Get a writing pad or journal and write the name of the person you have a resentment towards.

2) Write down the event - when did it happen, where were you, how old were you etc. what did they do/say?

3) Get a pillow/bean bag/punch bag (I have one in my garage) or something else you can bash the hell out of and do just that - get out the anger, shout, scream, punch it.  Best to make sure nobody is close by (safety first).   Another good way to do this is to scream and shout whilst driving in your car (not at other drivers or pedestrians LOL, road rage doesn't bode very well).  

4) Once the anger has left your body, go back to the journal.  Write about what could have been happening in the life of the person when they hurt you, what was going on for them, what is their story, what were the circumstances etc.    Things aren't black and white.  

5) And now write down what you like about yourself.  What are YOUR gifts and talents?

6) Lastly, what are you grateful for in your life.  Write it down!!

".......... Forgiveness does not excuse anything .................. You may have to declare your forgiveness a hundred times the first day and the second day, but the third day will be less and each day after, until one day you will realise that you have forgiven completely........ "
Excerpt from The Shack, Wm Paul Young

I undertook an amazing and life-changing workshop in 2009 called the Awakening with Clearmind International.  You can find out more about the work of  Duane & Catherine O'Kane, the founders of Clearmind, by visiting www.clearmind.com

The 6 steps above are derived from their 8 step chart.  My experience of the Awakening is another blog for another day.  I recommend everyone in the world takes the Awakening by the way.