Prince dies

Yet another celeb has died this year.  

Doves will be crying because Prince went too soon.

If you are feeling sad or even devastated that Prince has left this plane, how can I help you with that?

Ask yourself, does this tap into any unresolved past grief?  What memories do Prince's songs evoke in me, what was I doing at the time in my life when I listened to his music a lot?  

Sit with your feelings, see what comes up.  Play your favourite Prince songs and reminisce - meet up with a friend who adored him as much as you did.  Talk about what he meant to you.  It's okay y'know.  I've heard discussions on the radio around the grief of a celebrity.  Some people think others don't have the right to feel sad for someone they have never met  What do you think?

I seriously would like to know your story.  email me or leave a comment on my website.