I reach out to you with compassion and empathy
I know I can help you
I have been where you are

          Nadine Baynes

          Nadine Baynes

I set up this unique (not-for-profit) company in 2015.

We are here to offer support to those who have been through miscarriage, still-birth, neo-natal death, SIDS, death due to illness or accident  AND for women needing support post-termination.
For women and couples just like you who are hurting and feel that no one understands the deep psychological pain you are experiencing, we are here. 

I am a qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist who, working with a team of other qualified professionals, specialise in helping you find peace, confidence, forgiveness and happiness.

To say to someone “I know how you feel”, I disagree with, because nobody can really truly know for sure how anyone else is feeling. However, I do believe we can empathise in such a way that you will know you are not alone.  

I can also tell you that I have experienced a miscarriage which left me devastated and many years before that, I went through abortion which left me with deep level guilt for a long time.  So I feel I am better placed than anyone to help you with your feelings of loss, anger, depression, grief, guilt and the numbing pain that can descend like a shapeless cloud at any time.

Along with my dedicated team, I run acclaimed retreats throughout the year.  Find out more about our retreats.


A love of purpose

Can I tell you one thing we all have in common, apart from Lighthouses - we are all doing jobs that we love.

We all have a passion for helping people. In reaching a hand out to someone we get so much more in return.


I am here to help

If you need to talk then please contact me today to see if we can work together to free you from the dark thoughts that may be consuming your life.
I offer a free consultation so you can have the peace of mind getting to know if I am the person who can help you.

Professional Service

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